Cover Art

The title appears in capitals against a subdued olive-green motif of Tudor roses. Beneath this is the main illustration depicting Elizabeth as Queen on a gold-green background. The subtitle ‘A series of biographical sketches from the Elizabethan court’ is ranged in a gold-tinted script to the right hand side, and the author’s name, in capitals, at the base. The book’s dimensions when produced in paperback format are 7.81″x5.60″

cover image to the fictional memoir 'Elizabeth'
Elizabeth R

The aim was to replicate several of the more formal portraits of Elizabeth as Queen, blending elements from each, while also portraying her in a slightly more approachable light, with something of the smile seen in those portraits of her mother, Anne Boleyn. In this it should be remembered that those few formal portraits of Anne Boleyn that have survived were not done in her lifetime, and might even, some believe, have been based on a likeness of Elizabeth herself.